Managed to partake in that quintessentially British pastime, Afternoon Tea, on Saturday. Mairi’s birthday is this week, so on Sat we went to Claridges. Fantastic time, very swish surroundings, all the sandwiches, scones and pastries you can eat, washed down with litres of tea. Great value, as long as you absolutely gorge yourself. Which I… Continue reading Yum

Aww Cute

Ferry Halim has some great games here. Some are pretty hard, some are quite simple, but they all look fantastic. My favourite is the flying saucer videoing game.

Bedford Blues

Actually not blues at all. I’m in Bedford for the weekend, visiting various folks. Statying at Mairi’s parents, and having a nice bar-b-q this afternoon. First though we’re popping into town. Mairi, her Mum and I. And what happens is that I wander off on my own, reminiscing, checking out the old haunts, and feeling… Continue reading Bedford Blues

Two Gents Poster

Well, the poster is done and it’s on the website. Went along to rehearsals last night – people are stressing over the change of venue, the bringing forward of dates, and various bits and pieces. I hope they’re all OK. I was given a set of the photos from my birthday party back in June… Continue reading Two Gents Poster

Archetypal First Entry

Well, here we go. The webpage is being overhauled, stuff that should have been done ages ago is being done, and the best way to just get some content up there is to spew it all out. And where better to spew than one o’these new-fangled blog things. Come back soon, there may be something… Continue reading Archetypal First Entry

UK Postage Stamp Values

I had such trouble finding out what denominations postage stamps come in that I decided to PUBLISH them, which, God knows, is more than the Royal Mail do. So, as at the time of posting, postage stamps are available in the following denominations: 1p 2p 4p 5p 8p 10p 20p 34p 38p 42p 47p 50p… Continue reading UK Postage Stamp Values