Cheekbones Akimbo

Went to see Underworld yesterday. “Buffy meets the Matrix”. Good fun for a Sunday afternoon, all told. The gothic imagery is getting a bit cliched, but it looked great, the fight scenes were all very exciting, if a bit predictable in our post-Matrix world. Bill Nighy is good as the head vampire, although worryingly for… Continue reading Cheekbones Akimbo

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Shopping Lists Are The Only Truth

You can stop your to-do lists falling into the wrong hands. Then again, some people might want others to read what’s going on in their head.


It appears it’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day so here goes… “This cabin-boy’s grown haggard so in the pot he goes. And from his skin we’ll make a little drum to beat as we fire human heads from cannon at our foes, and set the seas ablaze with burning rum.” “I tread a lurching timber world… Continue reading Yarr.

Break Out The Andrex

In this post, Louise talks about what G2’s article calls possibly ‘the future of shopping.’ I had experience of similar machines when studying in Germany. They sold hot snacks like sausage rolls and other more Teutonic snackage, and were popular with the after-closing-time crowd. The food in them was revolting in that artificial, heated-by-lamps way,… Continue reading Break Out The Andrex

Video Repair Blues

I’ve got a video being repaired by Currys at the moment. It’s getting frustrating. I was going to go into details, but these links tell it all far more clearly – If only I’d listened… Dixons are shit – I found this by typing ‘Dixons are shit’ into Google. The Register (bless ’em) A Blog… Continue reading Video Repair Blues

The What-O-Sphere?

Last night’s seminar organised by spiked was pretty interesting. It was the first one of this kind of thing I’ve been to. My good friend Mira told me about it. We thought it would be a good insight into how this blogging is affecting publishing and online life, considering the fact that I’ve just started… Continue reading The What-O-Sphere?

Libertarian Nonsense

Angle-Grinder Man is a guy who will remove wheel clamps in Kent. Another example of the eternal battle between freedom and libertarianism, rights and responsibilities, etc etc. Another case of this is Speed Cameras. These take pictures of people breaking the law by driving over the speed limit. Some people say this is unfair. These… Continue reading Libertarian Nonsense

Back In Blighty

Well, here we are back in the good old 51st state. We had a great time in Scotland, first in Dundee, Mairi’s birthplace, and then in a quiet-now-the-festival’s-finished Edinburgh. Dundee was an experience for me, never having been before. Had a tour of the old haunts, primary school, the beautiful, burned-to-the-ground but now being restored… Continue reading Back In Blighty

I Love Amateur Cartoons…

…especially when they’re really crap – this has had me giggling through my tea for the last 10 minutes. Check out the Hanna Barbera ones!