Original Art Prints for Sale

I’ve been creating various designs inspired by things I’ve seen, places I’ve been, or just abstract experiments. You can buy them in my shop here. You can find Bauhaus, Op Art, De Stijl, 60s, 30s, 70s, Modern, AI, and many other styles. More designs always in the pipeline. Orders are fulfilled by Printful, and are… Continue reading Original Art Prints for Sale

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Seeded Tunes – Scene and Labels

A ‘scene’ is a nebulous concept, but it’s pretty well understood. David Byrne in How Music Works talks about the necessary ingredients for a music scene, including location and venue(s), with a description of the old and new CBGB’s in NYC. Julian Cope in Head On describes the nepotistic maelstrom of Eric’s in Liverpool in… Continue reading Seeded Tunes – Scene and Labels

Seeded Tunes – Random?

The lynchpin/keystone/root idea of Seeded Tunes is to use a random number generator (RNG) to drive the creation of text, images and music. Regular RNGs are not truly random. They use stuff like the current date, combined with internal values such as drive space and other numbers to come up with something that resembles a… Continue reading Seeded Tunes – Random?

Pixel Art Alphabet Chart

I wanted to have an alphabet chart on A&E’s wall, but I couldn’t find one I liked, and then I thought why not make my own, and then I thought why not make it in a distinct art style, and so I came up with… The Pixel Art Alphabet Chart First I thought of interesting… Continue reading Pixel Art Alphabet Chart

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Seeded Tunes – Why

I’m a frustrated musician, in that I would like to be a musician but I have been cruelly prevented in chasing this dream by A) a lack of innate talent and B) a lack of will or discipline to learn. Sure, I’ve dabbled. There have been attempts to get some kind of music project going… Continue reading Seeded Tunes – Why

Seeded Tunes – An Introduction

For quite a while now I’ve been chipping away at a project that combines music, art, my fascination with music family trees, generative processes, and laziness. The idea – Seeded Tunes – is to use a random number generator to create music. But it’s a lot more complex, and in some ways a lot simpler,… Continue reading Seeded Tunes – An Introduction

Rock Family Tree Auto-generation

I’ve been fascinated by Pete Frame’s Rock Family Trees for a long time. I created a tree in that style for my friends and associates over on the Coiled Spring site, seen below.I describe the process for manually creating the diagram over on that site, so check it out if you’re curious. I had other… Continue reading Rock Family Tree Auto-generation

Fridge Hinge Typical Chaos

We bought a little fridge to put extra stuff in like cold drinks and whatnot (I’ve been saying “whatnot” a lot lately). It arrived on Xmas Eve like a miracle from Santa. The door opened the wrong way, so I went to swap the side it opens, which is a common thing you can do… Continue reading Fridge Hinge Typical Chaos

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Pencil Search – Success Of A Kind

Over the past few years, I would often be inspired to post this on various office supply and stationery sites: Hi, I have a request, and I hope someone can help. In my late father’s stuff I found a canister of mechanical pencil leads, with a cork stopper. From the markings I think they are… Continue reading Pencil Search – Success Of A Kind

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Inkscape Tutorial – Uneven Letraset Effect

I was browsing Pinterest, the way you do, looking at old ads and the raw graphical style they often used: You get the idea. (Actually, looking at it now, it’s pretty straight, oh well) As often happens, I was suddenly inspired to pointlessly recreate the style in Inkscape. So here’s how. Start Inkscape and create… Continue reading Inkscape Tutorial – Uneven Letraset Effect

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