Seeded Tunes – Scene and Labels

A ‘scene’ is a nebulous concept, but it’s pretty well understood.

David Byrne in How Music Works talks about the necessary ingredients for a music scene, including location and venue(s), with a description of the old and new CBGB’s in NYC.

Julian Cope in Head On describes the nepotistic maelstrom of Eric’s in Liverpool in 1978-9. Location, people, financial circumstances, common beliefs.

In the case of Seeded Tunes, the scene is the root of the whole output, and it basically consists of a pool of fictional people, and a random number of record labels. The ideas there is that these people got together somehow, and from that outpouring of creativity came artists of course, but also labels, which I don’t understand, but they seem important, especially in our digital future as a form of curated marker of “you might like this”.

When the scene is created, a number of fictional people are generated – the “scene pool”. From there, labels are created, each with a number of people drawn from the pool. It’s possible that the same person might be involved in more than one label.

Each label therefore has a “label pool” of people, and from each label a number of “artists” is created. I settled on the word “artist” rather than “band” because the latter seems limiting, somehow.

I’ll describe the artist process in another post.