Earworm Mashups

There’s a couple of tunes that are stuck in my head and mixed up with other tunes.

1. The theme to the podcast ‘Pod Save America’ (a good podcast if you skip the tedious pissing about in the ads and the cult of personality around certain of them) which I can’t find a good clear link to, but it keeps morphing (remember morphing? Ah, the 90s) into this gem:

2. John Lennon’s ‘Mother’, the opening theme to the FX TV show ‘Better Things’:


always seems to morph(!!??!?!) into Ph*l C*llin’s ‘I Wish It Would Rain Down’ (warning, self indulgent story bit at the beginning of the video, which cannot be saved by Jeffrey Tambor):

3. Robyn’s 2010 (surprisingly slow) dance hit ‘Dancing On My Own’:

and the drumless remix of Wire’s global worldwide smash hit chart topper ‘Ahead’:


Although the original is better IMHO:


Also stuck in my head for some reason are both the movie and album versions of The Who’s ‘Fiddle About’, possibly the most sensitive and empathetic treatment of the sexual abuse of a disabled person ever committed to a rock opera.

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