Taking Stock: March 2017

Nice piece of artwork for the children’s nursery. Quite proud how it’s coming out. Also, working on a coding/art/music project which is challenging and educational, if not aesthetically good in an orthodox way.
We have an Instant Pot, so Cassie’s trying lots of new things. I’m still making my daily sandwiches, now including a couple of carrots to peel at work. I could leave the skins and scrub them, but that’s messier prep at home, and I’d need another container for them.
Moroccan Mint Tea, my new favourite for the desk. I’ve had it at restaurants, with the fancy teapot, high-lift pouring etc. The teabags at work aren’t so fancy, but it’s a delicious refreshing sip.
China Mieville – “Embassytown” – usual stuff, society, structures, aliens, magic and tech. “The Tsar of Love and Techno” by Anthony Marra – grim af, how shitty must it be when you live in the Arctic Circle and miss the good old days of the USSR?
…Through the bathroom cabinet, using up hotel shampoo, soap, airline toothpaste. It’s never enough for actual trips, so why not just use it up?
…Under the bed in the vacuum bags for old clothes that will never be work again, even if we go somewhere cold.
World peace. A more stable and progressive future. A clear path forward for us. An idea of what will be next. A friend once asked what my five-year plan was. I didn’t have a next month plan – I wasn’t joking.
Plus lots of consumer items. I always find myself looking at watches.
At possible new places in JBR or the Marina. Busy area, lots of stuff right on the doorstep. Downside – possible noise from douchebags revving.
Where to move to. A move of apartment would be a good thing now, especially to a cheaper place closer to my office with more of a Western social scene.
We could create a FrankenApartment, with that location, this living room, that rent, this floor. We could teleport our stuff into the new place.
Coming home each day in time to have bathtime and bedtime with A&E, who are now splashing and chattering so much it makes my heart burst.
For a $2.50 delivery from Hong Kong. For a first repeated coherent word.
My homemade muesli. I did try toasting stuff first, but now I just throw oats, raisins, shredded coconut, wheatgerm, and anything else I fancy into the big plastic ex-protein canister and shake.
A&E and their mother, obv.
How do other people do it/manage/cope/organise etc? Exactly the thoughts the CBT doc says aren’t helpful.
The Pattern Forms, “Peel Away The Ivy” (my review here), and the old “Welcome To Mars” series from Ken Hollings.
Actually editing and publishing the Coiled Spring backlog of interview recordings.
As little as possible.
“Soundbreaking”, the PBS music production documentary. Fascinating and educational, even for the bits I already knew.
We find a nice cheap place that ticks at least a few of our boxes.
At the effortless grace and smoothness with which all construction, bureaucracy, services and everything here is performed.
see above
To do more exercise. A combination of lack of time and lack of will to overcome that lack, is making me very out of shape.
What on earth is wrong with people. If society abandons those less well off, what do you think will happen to them? They’ll magically bootstrap themselves?
The mint tea, and at home the Bitter Orange hand cream I’m still working through. My aging hands.
The same Clarks Desert Trek I wear every day. So comfortable, great patina, shame the soles are now paper-thin and you can’t resole crepe (without some hassle).
The weather here in Dubai is warming up. I stepped outside on my way to catch the Metro at 7am, and it was already balmy. Uh-oh.
Things are possible, and that I can do them.
I can’t.
The people in the US resisting the blatant lies and cruel actions of 45’s administration.
Out of the rut of not bothering with things.
Interior decor ideas, especially ones with DIY and/or scrap materials input.
The commute. I used to get a ride each morning with a colleague who lived in the same complex. Since he moved, and we have one car, I’m taking the Metro and bus, and while it’s not horrible and quite cheap and modern, I’d really rather not be doing it. It’s getting hotter outside, and it’s a long journey (over an hour, mostly standing). The move should help.
More in control, depending on the day.
The clanging and calls of the construction workers over the road.
My children’s 15-month birthday.