Baby Milestones, Part 1

  • Sleeping quite well, but not through the night
  • Outgrowing oversized new pyjamas in a matter of days
  • I finished both sample tubes of Indian herbal toothpaste that came in the goodie bags from the hospital
  • Twins now sleeping in their own nursery
  • Video monitor image jumps from time to time, giving fun “paranormal jump scare” effect
  • Different formula means different types of teats
    • (there are different teats with different speeds, which I did not know)
  • She’s wearing his hand-me-downs already, and looking good in them
  • Been peed on and pooped on, but not yet at the same time
  • I get in the bath with them in the evening, and I’m not looking forward to the inevitable poo soup moment. At least I’ll be in the bath at the time.
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