Audacity Crash Path To Permissions Hell

digraph Audacity {
node [shape=box fontname=”Arial”]
edge [color=”black” penwidth=”2″]
“Audacity crashing” -> “consider replacement” -> “Ardour?” -> “JACK settings issue” -> “Google solutions” -> “Add user to ‘audio’ group” -> “error in command” -> “user is now ONLY\na member of ‘audio'” -> “not member of\n’admin’ or ‘sudo'” -> “can’t change user settings”;
“boot to\nGRUB menu” -> “too fast to catch” -> “change GRUB settings” -> “not member of\n’admin’ or ‘sudo'” -> “don’t know root password” -> “drop out as root at GRUB” -> “boot to\nGRUB menu”;
“can’t change user settings” -> “don’t know root password” -> “boot with live\nCD or USB” -> “don’t have a blank CD” -> “buy a dusty blank CD \nfrom a convenience store” -> “CD doesn’t work”;
“boot with live\nCD or USB” -> “USB stick must\nbe wiped” -> “needs admin rights” -> “not member of\n’admin’ or ‘sudo'”;
“boot with live\nCD or USB” -> “use wife’s Macbook\nto create\nbootable\nUSB stick” -> “boot to safe\nmode with USB stick” -> “root at GRUB” -> “change user settings back\n to what they should be” -> “go back to using Audacity”;

edge [color=red penwidth=5]
“go back to using Audacity” -> “Audacity crashing”;