7 Days 7 Songs – Day 2 – The Advisory Circle – ‘Now Ends The Beginning’

Today’s pop pick: The Advisory Circle – ‘Now Ends The Beginning’

Another one-note bassline! If my Mum was around, she would say this sounded like the theme from Chariots of Fire, and it would be ruined for me.

Ghost Box records. Very British, very pseudo-nostalgic, very post-hauntological. Wonderful art direction.

This track reminds me of riding the Tube from Heathrow into London in the snow, savoring the feel of being back in the Old Country for the first time in years. It needs green and white hills and weather, but even without them, for example driving on the Sheikh Khalifa highway in a dust storm in a rented Corolla, it can still be effective.

Today’s nomination: Robin Deacon

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