7 Days 7 Songs – Day 1 – The Cars – ‘Bye Bye Love’

After clamoring to be included in this thing, and after talking about posting videos in another post, it’s time to actually do it, and the advantage of doing it on WordPress is that I can set them up to post in advance, and it won’t chew into my LeechBlock allowance in Facebook.

So here we go.

I don’t know what it is about this song. My brother gave me a tape of this album in about 1986, and I played it constantly. I think it’s the combination of keyboards and guitars, simple melodies. That middle bit is incredible. I’m not much of a vocals person now, but then at least I would (try to) sing along. I played the tape at a house party I held at the time, and no-one liked it. I recall the Sisters of Mercy taking its place on the deck. Fair enough I suppose.

I am a fan of one-note basslines, I know that.

Today’s nomination: Cassie Destino

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