If I Had My Document Way… Heading Numbering by Default

If I Had My Document Way

…Word’s default Headings would have a proper numbering setup. By default, the headings in Word don’t have numbers. The standard template has a blue Heading 1, then some other font for Heading 2, etc. No numbering. This means the first thing you have to do in an empty document is set your numbering up, and that is complicated. This means you’re at the mercy of the defaults, or you use some corporate template created by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing and how important it is, or you copy stuff in from another document, carrying all the contamination of dodgy Styles with it.

What Word should do is have a basic simple numbered heading scheme set up as an option, or maybe by default. Then everyone would know straightaway what was possible, what was desirable, and what was best practice.

What would that basic default be? Stay tuned for a suggestion.