Comings And Goings, Early 2010

FUN! This was a set of notes for me to write a post about a visit by our friends Daneeta and Patrick in New Orleans. Clearly I never got around to finishing it, so here are the raw notes. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the work that goes into creating each subtly crafted post.

This is just a diary-style what-I-did-at-the-weekend post, like we used to have to write on Monday mornings at Scott Lower School in our grey News Books.
I’m now back at work after a fantastic weekend with our friends and house guests Daneeta and Patrick. They were in town after delivering a dog they had been fostering to its “forever home” in Los Angeles.

D&P had a significant hand in getting Cassie and I together,

Elektrik Zoo

Photo blogs
link to both

Fostering Dobermann dogs

Was very hungry, caught the Sun, had a nap, felt pretty rough,
Excellent indian food – lamb rogan josh, crispy chapati, good rice, best so far in US
went back later that week

Fort Funston
walked the dunes
unexploded bomb!
nice sliding down in the warm sand, but climbing back up was hell -for every two steps up we slid a step down.

LA trip
Alex & Jason
Harris Ranch
Apricot Tree – lunchboxes

Adam BBQ
Vinyl collection

Crissy Field
bridge view
dog on beach

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