An Old Pleasure Revisited

I used to love Choc Dips, the KP snack consisting of a bunch of biscuit sticks and a little portion of chocolate sauce for dipping. The trick was always balancing the amount of sauce you put on each stick, to make it last so that you didn’t end up with a bunch of sticks and no sauce, or no sticks and a surplus of sauce. The latter was worse, because then how do you eat the sauce? Your finger? Savage.

Not to mention that whenever I eat or drink  chocolate of any kind I get these telltale bits of chocolate in the corners of my mouth. Dead giveaway.

Anyway, I’m pleased to have just eaten a new (to me) variation on this cheeky snack. Cassie bought me a thing called “Nutella & Go!” which is basically a Choc Dip but with Nutella instead of unidentified chocolate sauce. Unfortunately. my stick-sauce-balancing game is way off, and I ended up with the nightmare scenario described above – no sticks left and half a pot of Nutella. Panic?

Luckily, I’m at my desk, so I was able to use the wrong end of a spoon to get the last bits of Nutella out of the corners of the pot. Disaster averted, carry on with your lives.

While I’m here, a quick point of order. I’ve heard a couple of people pronouncing Nutella as NOO-tella. This is clearly wrong, insane, and against reason and whatever god you might believe in. It’s made of nuts. The first ingredient (after the sugar and palm oil) is hazelnuts, even before the cocoa. How do you pronounce nuts? Noots? No. Nutella, made from nuts, is pronounced Nut-ella, you blasted freaks.

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