Dog Walking Locations

In the series of notes from our dog walker, there are several places that are mentioned regularly. Here are some links.

Redwood (aka Redwood Bowl, Redwood Park, Redwood Regional Park)

I’ve walked Gordon here myself. It’s a beautiful walk through some amazing scenery. It may not be the bigger and older Redwood National Park, but it does have some magical little corners and creeks.

Sibley (aka Robert Sibley Volcanic Preserve)

I’ve walked Gordon here too. This is my favourite, because of the variation from hilly woods, up into grassy mounds with great views, then down into volcanic scrub. It can be misty though:


Grass Valley

I’ve not been here. I think Drake is referring to a part of Chabot.

Chabot (aka Anthony Chabot Regional Park)

Home of the Chabot Space and Science Center, which we took one of Cassie’s nephews too. I haven’t been to the park, but it’s pretty big I think.

Leona Canyon

I took Gordon here once, but the terrain is pretty boring, and there isn’t much shade. Plus when I went there was a woman with a couple of kids walking round as well, and she had crappy tinny music playing out of her backpack. I kept hearing it in the distance. Maybe that was just a bad time. I’ll try again.

Dimond Canyon Park (aka Diamond Canyon)

I’ve not been here. It turns out it’s the deep canyon that Park Blvd runs along. You can’t see much from the bus, especially when it’s dark at the end of the day, or I’m snoozing.