Up In The Boonies

Although I’m not a big wine drinker, we had a very nice trip up to stay in Booneville, Anderson Valley up in wine country. It was quite a fun journey in itself, all twisty roads and scenery. We stayed at the very nice little boutique Boonville Hotel, which has 9 comfortable rooms, fantastic food, a cozy sitting room with wood stove, great breakfast, and very friendly service.

It was a pretty quiet time, with just Cassie and I, Alex and Jason, and another couple, friends of A&J. We wandered around the quiet streets (actually street) of the off-season community, visited various wineries and tasted their wares (including lots of wine, cheese and chocolate) and generally enjoyed a quiet weekend in some beautiful scenery. Being woken by a cockerel to go down and eat an excellent breakfast with good friends is a good feeling.

Anderson Valley apparently has its own language, or at least some terms only used up here. We didn’t come across much of it, but it’s nice to think of these remote communities making stuff up like this.

I took a few photos, slideshow below. I’m slowly getting better with this beast.


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