Teen Video Embarassment

Wil Wheaton reveals more of himself on the US teen quiz game show Teen Win Lose Or Draw. The story he tells mentions a VHS tape that the contestant Keri was too embarrassed to watch.

I have a similar tape somewhere (although it may have been destroyed) of me and a group of fellow pupils of Parkwood Middle appearing on Starstrider in about 1985. It was basically a schools quiz programme, with a host called Starstrider – a tall gentleman with a deep voice, tinsel hair and big cloak who was searching for intelligence in the universe. Why he was looking in Home Counties middle schools I do not know.

Tall, deep voice? Who do we know like that? Oh yes, Jim Carter, currently booming it up in Downton Abbey as Carson, the butler. His sidekick, Wart? Only DOCTOR WHO #7 HIMSELF, Sylvester McCoy!

I still have the mug they gave me.

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