Surgery Tomorrow

The date is set, I’m back under the blades tomorrow, 9am. Bit nervous. As well as slicing the nasty out, he’s going to shove a camera down my gullet to check out the inner me. I will of course, demand and post the footage. Perhaps loop it with some Maruosa or Whitehouse.

People at work have been very nice, and in return I have offered to do a “brown bag”┬ápresentation┬áentitled “My Day at the Ear Nose & Throat Hospital”. They can enjoy a slideshow of my palette procedure while enjoying their soup, ramen, and┬ámayonnaise-y sandwiches.

After the op, I’ll go home and relax. It will be nice to have the weekend to┬árecover┬áin, plus I’ll take a couple of days next week. It’s good we have the La-Z-Boy now, considering we are both all effed up. Leading up to the op, I’ve not touched a drop of alcohol. It’s been interesting. Friend MCT’s post about addiction and running talks about how drugs and other intoxicants (chemical or otherwise, but then isn’t everything we enjoy chemical?) remove self-censorship and release creativity. I can dig that. I’ve been pretty quiet at parties recently.

Yeah so there you go. The nice people will put me out and slice me up, and I will pay them for it. And I don’t even get to keep the bits. Love to you all.

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