Slender Trails

When I get home, Gordon is keen to go out, so I switch my work shoes for my walking-the-dog trainers, then head out into the night, and up on the old railroad trail behind our apartment in the Oakland hills. At this time of year, it’s completely dark, so I have my flashlight.

It’s bad enough that walking along the trail, with just the beam of the flashlight highlighting the trees and swaying branches, is like playing Slender.

What’s worse than that is when a DEER decides to trot across the trail in my flashlight beam, LOOK at me, then trot off into the trees.

What’s even worse is that Gordon saw it and MELTED DOWN.

Adding deer to the Oakland Wildlife I’ve Seen Up Close list. And the Slender Man? Well, bear in mind I only changed my shoes, so I’m wearing a suit and tie when I go up on the trail…


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