LA Film Shoot, NAS FTP

Cassie is away in Los Angeles this weekend, filming for her new documentary project. She’s the creative one in this case, but I have a big role to play in making sure all the tech stuff is ready. The camera uses big CompactFlash cards, which fill up quickly with HD footage. So that she can reuse the cards while away, I bought a Network Attached Storage device, or NAS, which sits on the network at home. This has 2TB of storage, and I’ve set it up as an FTP server. This means that Cassie can upload footage while she’s away, and then re-use the cards. Then we can make that footage available to her editor, who is conveniently located in London.

It’s all worked out well so far, although if the router or NAS are power-cycled, their IP addresses change, and I have to jump through some hoops to make the FTP work again. I’m told there’s a way to fix them, but no luck yet.

In addition, I used NO-IP’s web service to give a nice domain name to the external IP address of the NAS. This is a freebie, and needs to be renewed every 30 days. I might just give that up and set Cassie’s FTP software to use the IP address directly.

Anyway, while the cat’s away, the mouse has loads to do include edit the new episode of his podcast, and is on call in case the cat has a problem.

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