About Time Too

Jamie Palmer, director of the recently-televised documentary We Who Wait: The Adverts & TV Smith, London Film School alumnus and friend of my wife Cassie (who was a camera op on the above film), has finally got himself a blog. I say finally because whenever we see him on visits back to London, it’s always good to hear what opinions he has about what is around at the moment. Cassie says when they went to see movies together, he was able to cite a complete, intelligent, fully-thought-through movie review even as they walked out of the cinema.

If his first post, an excellent review of a recent live debate between David Aaronovitch and Mehdi Hasan at the LSE, is anything to go by, we can expect some thoroughly chewy and enjoyable writing from him.

And of course, these rich and smart posts by Jamie, Middleclasstool and others just go to prove that my witterings about shoes and old club classics is the froth on the pint of the blogosphere, while these guys are the meat. Wait, what?

UPDATE: The full TV Smith documentary is viewable here!

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