Quick, post somethign

So I’d better get something up before the flood of people sent over here by Matt at The Tool ¬†Shed arrive, take one look around, shrug and leave.

And what better thing to entice them over the threshold than news of my exciting new project, which is¬†tantalizingly¬†close to bearing fruit. My new podcast, Coiled Spring, is being edited down into something palatable, and will be¬†available¬†to download and subscribe to in the next couple of days. I was holding off on telling you this until I actually had something finished to point to, but seeing as Reed has forced my hand, I’m jumping the gun and telling you about it now.

Head on over to coiledspring.org to find out a little bit (but not much) more.

If any of you have any advice (beyond, “Don’t bother” – I’m ignoring that particular insistent voice) drop me a line! Technical, content-related, suggestions, offers of help, encouragement, whatever you’ve got, all is welcome.

If you just want to hang out here, that’s also cool. Pull up a chaise lounge, check out the voluminous and yet strangely inconsequential archives, and enjoy.

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