I’ve been listening to a lot of The Orb recently, after getting into Soma FM‘s nice ambient and chilled streams. I got a good t-shirt from them recently as well. Picture not to follow – although I should post one, because then they’d show it on their site.

I could wax nostaligc about The Orb. Saw them at Manchester Poly in 1991. Loved Little Fluffy Clouds. Was disappointed by and then really got into The Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld (still got the vinyl, actually). Then U.F.Orb and beyond… Anyway, I checked out YouTube for some videos of Orb tracks, and I found this very cheesy remix of a more recent tune off Bicycles and Tricycles.

As I said, very cheesy, but catchy too. Great bassline (can’t go wrong with one note), nice foghorn, and who can resist a rooster? Not to mention the boingy spring noise, which puts one in mind of a new podcast available now… You could almost forgive the autotuned vocals. Almost. The video is great – Japanese comic books, and was that a cartoon of Dr Alex Paterson in there?

Anyway, I found myself whistling the little bleepy tune at 50 seconds in the other day, and Cassie demanded to know what it was. I asked why and she said it was the tune to an old Band-Aid commercial from her childhood.

I can see her point.

Barry Manilow wrote the Band-Aid tune? The tune that the universe decided to insert in a remix of an Orb track nearly thirty years later? At last my tastes come full circle, like the dread worm Ouroboros.