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Brannock Device
Behold the Brannock Device

After my disappointment with the recrafting of my black Allen Edmonds shoes, I was told they could be sent back, and I may be able to pick out a brand new pair. Well, I received an emailĀ confirmingĀ just that. They offered to send a replacement pair, but I asked if it was OK to go to the San Francisco store to get my feet measured and double check the fit. I was told that would be fine, so yesterday I went in and put my feet in the old Brannock Device.

I wanted basically the same shoe, but they didn’t have the Clifton model I had before, so I went for the Fifth Avenue, which isĀ basicallyĀ the same, but insatead of a blucher, they are a balmoral with closed lacing. The Brannock Device suggested my usual 9.5D (US), but when I tried them on, it became clear that my high arches (from being raised on Clarks) needed a 9.5E.

I let the recrafting department know, and they will send me a pair as soon as they can. I shoudl add that it seems like a long time since I sent the shoes for recrafting originally, but all the delays are on my side – I never have time to run errands like shopping for shoes. Or getting my hair cut – (sorry Cassie).