Master Of My Own Domain

A long time ago, when this site/blog/folly was established, I chose the domain name I liked the idea of the “” domains, and I chose my surname because I couldn’t think of a better name. Stick with the truth and all that.

Since moving to the US, I moved hosting service to one recommended by friends here in the Bay Area. Unfortunately, they don’t register .uk domains, so I was stuck with hosting in the US and domainĀ registrationĀ in the UK.

More recently, when Cassie and I got married, we had a wedding website set up at, which at the moment redirects hereĀ . In addition, Cassie has her own website at There’s not much there yet, but as she gets back into the filmmaking that she loves so much, it will be her portfolio and news site.

I’ve been consolidating these various sites and domains, and in the process I decided to take the plunge and just take as my main address. At the time of writing, it just redirects to But soon after I post this, this blog will be hosted at, and will no longer exist.

Hopefully, there will be no changes to the site that you can see (apart from the URL). The blogĀ shouldĀ continue to work. Obviously I will have to go through and fix my internal links, which will take some time. But I’m hoping it should all be pretty seamless. Wish me luck!

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