More Recrafted Shoes

Here’s a follow up to this post about having my Allen Edmonds shoes recrafted. I’d sent one of the pairs of shoes I bought from eBay back to be recrafted, and I received them back a few days ago. I’m wearing them now, and they’re great – just as comfortable as they were before, but completely refurbished. I went for the full monty top-to-bottom refurbishment, with shoe trees, bags and polish included.

The shoes are the model ‘Bradley‘, and the color is called ‘Chili’. Cassie on the other hand doesn’t like them and calls them my “Cinnamon Camel Toes” – classy as ever. I got them off eBay for about $40 used, so even with the cost of a second recrafting sometime in the future, I’ve still got a good bargain. Count me happy.

I still need to take the black ones back to the store, though – so busy…