Tequila Snaps

Choose your poison
Elige tu veneno

I uploaded a bunch of photos of our Tequila Tasting to my Flickr page. See them here.

There’s some nice ones of friends, and of course a couple of Gordon, and a couple of others.

When I was going through and deciding which to share, I had to decide how to share them, and there’s no shortage of methods and services allowing me to do that. I’ve been a Flickr user for many years, and it’s served me pretty well. It’s clear there are many more to choose from now, though, each with their advantages and disadvantages.

That meant yesterday’s article on Gizmodo about How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost The Internet was pretty depressing reading. Flickr isn’t dead, but there are so many services to choose from now, that it has a hard time standing out. And of course, being bought by Yahoo was a bad sign, with their reputation for buying up cool services, stifling innovation, crowbarring in integration with other Yahoo products and services, and then when it doesn’t work, deleting the whole thing, including the terabytes of people’s data that have been accumulated. They’ve done it before and they’ll do it again. The wonderful Archive Team “no longer considers Yahoo as a dependable location for data“. Archive Team’s founder(?) Jason Scott wrote this excellent post about this problem – highly recommended. Also read this one which describes how Yahoo’s corporate culture lead to the situation we have now – pretty scary stuff.

In the meantime, I have lots of photos on Flickr, but they are copies of the files I have on my own machine – nothing is held solely online. As for all the groups and contacts and fun tags and discussions and favourites and so on, well, I hope Flickr manages to hold on to them.

Oh and in case you were wondering, I’m not about to start using Facebook as a photo storage and sharing site, even though they now hold the lion’s share of online photo storage. Facebook is a big shiny brightly lit room, with security cameras perched atop the barbed wire fence that is there to protect YOU from the real web, only the cameras point INWARDS.