I’m Local Tech Support

Multiple tech issues bombarding me right now. Luckily my little laptop is now up and running Lubuntu with my default user account, thanks to some support over on #mofirc (thanks dusty!), so I can at least post this and get some stuff done.

Cassie is getting her film stuff going again, and because it will be all data rather than tape (or film!) it looks like we’ll need a Network Attached Storage device. We need a secure backup of the PCs, for a start, and a hot-swappable RAID array should do the trick. Plus it would need to be big enough for all the big video files. Offsite storage would also be required, but first things first. The other big requirement is for the NAS to be configurable as an FTP site, to allow Cassie’s editor in London (that she knows and trusts, otherwise she’d find someone here) to grab the footage for working with. Dropbox won’t cut it longterm – make your own cloud.

All this is not helped by Cassie’s Macbook Pro sutting down on its own randomly. No temperature issues, battery full. Typical, we’ll probably end up at a bloody Genius bar.

All this stuff means I’m the local tech support, even if I have to outsource a lot of it. Fun in a way.