Acid Rain Test

My new Tingleys rubber overshoes really proved their worth this morning. It was absolutely shiteing it down, so Cassie suggested she drop me at the BART station, rather than have me wait in the rain for the bus. Nice idea, very welcome.

Unfortunately, the traffic was awful, and it turns out BART cannot handle rain at all, so I was waiting on the platform at Macarthur for fifteen minutes. The BART journey itself was fine, I got a seat, but the walk from Montgomery to my office was the real test. Heavy rain, running streams, deep puddles, people with golf umbrellas (the Hummers of the sidewalk).

By the time I got to the office, my lower legs were sopping wet, but my feet and my leather dress shoes were fine. My body was kept warm and dry by my warm, hooded, now-much-respected “commuter trench“. The Tingleys were a timely buy, and a big success.

Now I’m at my desk, using paper towels to mop up some of the drips from my legs. Nasty. But thank you, Eddie Bauer and Tingleys!

I will of course continue to refer to these as my Tingleys, as is only right and natural.

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