Skunk Update

After a couple of washes with the peroxide/soda mixture, Gordon seems to be pretty much clear of skunky odor. If you stick your face in his belly and sniff, you can still make out a hint of burnt rubber. The house is now OK, based on the testimony of beloved friends Alex & Jason.

When I went down to the coffee shop on Sunday morning, there was a big line. Montclair is a morning village! I stood in line, and all the while coffee smells were impregnating my hoodie – the same one I walk Gordon in. When I got home, Cassie said she could smell skunk, and made me put my clothes through the wash again. This skunk stuff makes you paranoid about smells.

I took Gordon up to the trail this morning, keeping him on the leash, and as we walked along the path, with me flashing my torch around, what did we see but a skunk – probably the skunk – trotting along by the path. Gordon saw it, but he didn’t bark or pull on the leash – he just growled a bit, snorted, and pawed the ground. He may have learned his lesson, but I’m not letting him off the leash to find out.

Meanwhile, the skunk just trots along the path, being all crepuscular. Skunk don’t care; Skunk don’t give a shit.

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