Montclair Stroll

On the theme of local engagement, last Thursday Cassie and I wandered down into the village for the annual Montclair Village Stroll, where many businesses are open, and there are carol choirs, school band performances and all sorts of snacks and freebies. We went with our neighbours Bridget and Keith, who have a month-old baby, Willa. Very cute. They also have Karma (she’s a bitch) (haha) and Tattoo the cat. Nice folks.

After fumbling down the dark narrow alleyway shortcut to the village (flashlights for Xmas!), we stopped first at the framers, because we are after a mirror for our apt, and they can make a mirror of any size, with any frame type – and they have a huge selection. They were also having a little wine tasting, so we indulged.

The main street was bustling with people and families, and the village looked very cute with all the holiday lights up. It appears that straight after Thanksgiving, it’s time to get into the Xmas spirit – fine by me, I love it. On the street corner, there were some Xmas trees tap dancing. I really saw them, so they were real. It wasn’t the wine talking.

Talking of wine, the Farmstead wine and cheese shop had various samples out, all very nice, and they do a regular tasting on Friday evenings – we’re going this Friday with B&K and our good friends Alex & Jason. I’m not much of a wine buff, especially right now with the precursor cells partying on my palette, but I’ll gladly scoff cheese.

One of the billion real estate agents in Montclair was set up as a gallery, with some interesting stuff, including huge concrete heads with buildings grwoing out of them – it looked like a 70’s  Brian Aldiss or Michael Moorcock book cover. That or some work by Benjamin Pierce. I’m an afficionado.

The small gym was giving away samples of some fruity energy drink, which turned out to be some special brew by Deepak Chopra. It tasted OK, and my quantums were well and truly chakra’d. Also I saw God, and knew him. Thanks Deepak! You’re not a fraud and charlatan at all! That’s a relief.

After wandering the village, we grabbed burritos and quesadillas from the pretty good El Agavero, and went back to B&K’s to eat. Lovely to hang out with them, and to be able to say good night and walk all of 5 yards to get home.

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