Bye Mollie

I’m very sad to hear that my brother’s family dog, Mollie, has died. She was just under 8 years old, and had been ill with a tumour for a while. It got worse, and they made the tough decision to end her suffering.

Shuggie and Molly playing
Shuggie and Molly in 2005

Mollie was a Westie, and a very cute one. She had a bit of an underbite, and used to love to run down the garden barking, in the hope of catching a bird. She never caught one, obviously.

Mollie went by various names in her home, in keeping with my family’s bizarre sense of humour. Some favourites:

  • Molla / Molla-molla
  • Moola
  • Molenzo
  • Mollusc

The photo, taken in June 2005, is of Mollie and my ex-dog Shuggie, who I got with Mairi earlier that year. You can see he’s much smaller than Mollie here. (the toe belongs to my niece and goddaughter Lauren – sorry for your loss, Lol).

When Mairi and I were deciding to get a pet, we knew I was allergic to either cats or dogs. When my brother got Mollie, the next time we visited I played with her and basically rubbed my face on her. No reaction!

Mollie and Shuggie saw each other a few times, and would always play tug-of-war and chase each other around the house and garden. She’ll be missed.

I will give Gordon lots of attention this evening.


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