Wedding Music – Guest Arrival

Franz Kirmann - Random Access Memories
This music was for when the guests were arriving. We wanted it to be a nice ambient/”loungecore” kind of vibe, in keeping with the tropical surroundings of the venue. An extra nice touch was that Franz Kirmann was a guest at the wedding (Cassie knows him from her time at London Film School), so we wanted to include some of his music in there.

Unfortunately, the venue failed to inform us that the area the music was playing in was not open for people to enter until it was time for the ceremony, so people didn’t hear any of this music. Instead they heard some nightmarish dentist-waiting-room smooth jazz that the DJ put on. (If Jazz is for History teachers and the mentally ill, and Jazz Funk is Jazz’s deformed cousin, then Smooth Jazz is that uncle you’re scared to be alone with). It was most frustrating, as you can imagine, and it was one of a few ways in which the venue didn’t do what we wanted or what we had discussed. But never mind! Enjoy…

Air : Playground Love (Vibraphone Version) (from Playground Love )
Air : Casanova 70 (from Premiers Symptomes )
Anoushka Shankar : Beloved (Thievery Corporation Remix) (from Blue Note Remixed )
Boards Of Canada : Wildlife Analysis (from Music Has The Right To Children )
Brian Eno : Deep Blue Day (from Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks*)
The Dining Rooms : Calexico (from Ink (French Edition) )
Four Tet : Hands (from Rounds )
Franz Kirmann : Little Baby Eyes (from Little Baby Eyes)
Franz Kirmann : Desordre (A Dancing Beggar Remix) (from Liza **)
Joby Talbot : The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy*** )
Kirmann + Hodge : Piano Interrupted IV (from Piano Interrupted )
Kruder & Dorfmeister : Sofa Rockers (Richard Dorfmeister Remix) (from Sofa Surfers )
Nightmares On Wax : Passion (from In A Space Outta Sound )
Radiohead : Meeting in the Aisle (from Karma Police EP )
Ulrich Schnauss : Knuddelmaus (from Far Away Trains Passing By )
Ulrich Schnauss : Never Be the Same (from Goodbye****)
Wax Tailor : Unglodly fruit (from Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies )

You can enjoy most of these tracks (all the ones I could find) on this specially-created playlist I created on Spotify.

* This Eno track was also on the hugely successful Trainspotting soundtrack. It’s used during the sequence when Renton dives into an overflowing toilet to retrieve his opium suppositories which he has lost due to no longer being constipated after coming off heroin. We felt this was an appropriate piece of music for our wedding.

** Our friends Daneeta and Patrick, who were also at the wedding and did some other photos, shot the video for Liza. under their artistic collective name Elektrik Zoo.

*** I love this little piece. It’s twinkly and bleepy, and it reminds me of the music on the TV series.

**** This got me into Herr Schnauss. Beautiful wash of voice and sound. Talking to Franz (or Francois as he’s actually named) afterwards, he said that this stuff was a bit wet, and recommended some more intricate stuff. I think there’s a place in my mind for both wet and intricate. I must rest now.