Reception – Table Favors

You have to have table favors – little gifts for each person at their place setting. I’d spoken to a colleague about his recent wedding, where they had little packets of lavender seeds for each guest. He’d said they were expensive, and after the wedding, they found that no-one had taken them. We didn’t want that to happen, so after some thought, we decided on little tins of mints.

Mints are handy, you can slip a tin in your pocket or purse, and keep them in your desk or car. You can have a design printed on the tin, so that every time someone eats a mint, they are reminded of the lovely wedding.

We shopped around the places recommended by wedding websites, but we found the designs were limited, and the prices high (that wedding surcharge that strangely appears). So we looked further and found that if you go to a commercial promotional products company, you get a much better range for a better price.

The only problem was that most of these places only take a minimum order of 250, and we had 100 guests. Luckily we found a place that would do an order of 150 – After looking at their very large range of options for mints, we settled on the Alpine Mini Tins.

To create the design, I fired up Inkscape again, and grabbed the martini glass/stack of gambling chips motif, changed the color to the “wine” shade we seem to have chosen, and uploaded it to Inkhead’s excellent layout tool. This allowed me to make sure the graphic was positioned correctly before it was sent to print.

The mints arrived a few days later, and they were a big success. Most of the tins that were put on the tables were taken, and the remainder we took home with us. Since the wedding I’ve handed them out to colleagues, who’ve all been very pleased to get a memento, which is nice. You see them on their desks, and they’re a godsend in long meetings. They’ve been useful as bribes to complete “that doc you said you’d send me”.

Verdict: Do a little favor of some kind, but bear in mind whether people are really going to take them. The mints were successful – other more substantial items may not. Another wedding I went to had bookmarks, which was another good option for us.

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