Ceremony – Matthew’s Statement to Cassie

In the script, you can see a space for a statement from me to Cassie. Here it is – Taylor had it printed on a nice card, so I could read it.

Cassie. In the four years we’ve been together, you have turned my life upside down and that’s why I’m head over heels in love with you. You have made me a better, more confident person. You have encouraged me to make changes in my life, and not to be afraid of making those changes. The course of our relationship has been a series of steps that have brought us closer together – first my visits to you in Los Angeles, then my moving to San Diego, then us moving together to San Francisco – all these steps were leading to this moment. And throughout them all I have never had any doubt that I wanted to be with you.

I remember when we were up at Griffith Park Observatory in LA, watching the sun go down over the city. You were next to me and I remember thinking that I wanted to keep you next to me. It was at dinner later that night that we looked at each other and asked the same question – how do we do this? How can we be together?

The fact that we are standing here now shows that we found the answer to that question. It always seemed obvious to us. So obvious that a few months ago, we realized that we’d already started planning our wedding without either of us having proposed!

I love waking up with you. I love coming home to you. I love our evenings out, and our evenings in with our beautiful dog Gordon. I love your wisdom, your kindness, your humor, your drive and your perspective on life. I love you, and I love my life with you.

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