Ceremony – Cassie’s Statement to Matthew

In the script, you can see a space for a statement from Cassie to me. Here it is – Taylor had it printed on a nice card

I can think of many words to describe you: kind, funny, intelligent, generous, handsome, and sweet. But when I try to describe myself there’s only one word that comes to mind: lucky. I am lucky that out of all the boys in all the pubs in London I met you that fateful night. I am lucky that we were both unavailable to each other at the time so that we were able to form a real and solid friendship. I am lucky that you saw something in me that kept you in communication with me over the miles and through the years. I am lucky that you had the courage to leave your life in London to start a new one with me. And I am lucky that that life is rich with love and laughter.
The 7 years I’ve known you and the 4 years we’ve been together have been the most important of my life for many reasons. You have inspired me to be a better person – one worthy of a man like you. You keep me focused on our goals and accountable for my choices. You’ve shown me that compromise is not a bad thing and that disagreeing is not to be feared because it often leads to tremendous emotional growth and bonding in our relationship.
I am not weak-kneed and full of butterflies at the concept of sharing my life with you. Rather, I am strong, steadfast and sure that you are the person I want to be standing here with today. You are the person I want to build my life with. You accept me for my craziness, you indulge me in my silliness, and you love me for the person that I have become since being with you.

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