Busy Move

Cassie and I are moving to the East Bay, to an area of Oakland called Montclair. It’s a nice spot up in the hills, with less of a view of the city, but more of a pastoral distant view of the bay through the many trees. It’s a bigger place, with a guest bedroom, so people can come and stay in comfort.

This time around I don’t have company-hired movers paid for, so we’re busy doing it ourselves – scavenging boxes, borrowing tape from the stationery cupboard, purging stuff to go to Goodwill (current score – 3 trash bags and a box of vases). We do have movers with a van, but they charge by the hour, so the more we can do the better.

We get the keys this weekend, and on Saturday we’re having a painting party with some friends – we want to freshen up the paintwork. Cassie says it’s normally the landlord that does that, but we’d like to have some influence over the colors. The move itself is next Wednesday – we’re doing it midweek because it’s cheaper, and then we have the weekend to get sorted out.

My commute is going to be a lot different. I have it easy at the moment because Cassie drops me off and picks me up, because my office is between home and her office. From Montlair I have various options, but I will be on public transport a lot. Cassie can maybe drop me at the BART station.

The morning tube. It’ll be just like old times.