Before – Welcome Bag Room Drops

We wanted to have a room drop for our guests at their hotels. This is when the hotel leaves something in each room – a bouquet perhaps, or a gift, or a folder of information for a conference delegate. We decided to leave a bag of goodies for everyone. The hotels all agreed, and some charged a small fee for the effort.

We found a place in SF that sold bags and boxes of all shapes and sizes, and picked out these reusable plastic bags that people could take to the grocery store. Taylor in his creative way has a screen printing setup, so he used that to print a graphic on each one, based once again on the components taken from the invitation PDF proof. Unfortunately, the plastic didn’t take the print too well, giving it a bit of a spraypaint stencil effect. It wasn’t what we had in mind, but it looked cool anyway.

In each bag, we included lots of different things!

  • A nice letter with useful information for the guests (take a look at it below)
  • The Flickr tags and Twitter hashtags for people to use (only one person did, but you can’t fault us for spirit!)
  • A stamped Las Vegas postcard for our guests to return with comments and greetings
  • A bottle of water and a little packet of Advil
  • A local listings magazine with a map of the famous Las Vegas strip
  • Some other bits and pieces like gum, snacks and so on
  • And last but definitely not least, a bottle each of Taylor’s Tonics special limited edition sodas, Cassie Colada and Matt’s Mojito (complete with complementary Taylor’s Tonics bottle opener!)

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This was a really nice idea for the guests, especially for those who were travelling a long distance. even those who only came from LA needed a quick refreshment.

Verdict: recommended.

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