Before – Taylor’s Tonics Special Editions

Taylor's Tonics Special Editions
Taylor's Tonics Special Editions

Taylor Peck, Cassie’s old high school friend, and our officiant at the wedding, owns and runs Taylor’s Tonics. I’ve written about them before. As a lovely gesture, he brewed up a couple of special limited edition sodas to celebrate our wedding. He slipped a bottle of each into the guest room drop bags. There was also plenty to go around at the afterparty!

Cassie Colada is a fruity pineapple concoction, with a tropical feel, whereas Matt’s Mojito is a “limey”* blend with mint. Both were delicious! I’ll get a couple of photos up soon – Taylor designs fantastic labels for his brews.

Best Man Robin incorporated the drinks into his speech, with some funny references to the different flavours and how they related to Cassie and I. He’s real funny. A real joker.

* The limey joke was my idea.

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