Arthur Bryant’s Original Barbeque Sauce

This sauce is better than OK (get it?)
This sauce is better than OK (get it?)

Being the kind of old-world savage that loves ketchup on things, I was very pleased to discover this sauce. We got a bottle in a gift basket, I think. It appeared in our cupboard one day.

Either that or the ANGELS put it there because it is DELICIOUS.

I’m no BBQ-er, and I’m well aware that BBQ-ing and grilling are yet more of the subjects about which people are very protective, snobby, and knowallish, along with coffee, bicycling, beer, and lawd knows what else. I also know that regular brand BBQ sauce is very sweet and is basically ketchup with some spices in.

Of course, I’m familiar with and very fond of HP Sauce, or its generic UK store moniker “Brown Sauce” or “Fruity Sauce”, which goes so well will cold meat and hot chips. It’s quite similar to A1 Steak Sauce, which is very popular in the US.

I would say that Arthur Bryants BBQ sauce sits between HP and ketchup. The first thing you taste is a fresh burst of citrus tartness, then a full round rich spiciness, and then the heat of the pepper comes along. Not too much heat – I’m not a fan of replacing interesting flavor with raw heat.

I had it with some dinner a couple of days ago, and was practically licking the plate to get every last drop. So so good.