Before – Information Cards

Because there were a few extra pieces of important information that we needed to be sure people had, we included a card with the invitations which laid it all out. The card included:

  • Hotel information
  • Expected attire
  • Notice for guests with children
  • Notice about the registry

Here’s the card as it was laid out by the printers.

[scribd id=59065351 key=key-1w8t5v9mij5j2y8mn3fr mode=list]

I personally think a lot of this could have been listed on the website, but we thought (correctly as it turned out) that many of our guests would only get the information from a printed card, even if the card just said, “Go to the website”. It all seemed to work out well.

One question that I got from a few of my UK guests was, “What is cocktail attire?”. My short answer to that was, “Make an effort you pigs”. For men, it’s pretty simple – here’s a clear description. Just smarten up, but it’s not black tie. For ladies it seems a little more complex, but not too much. This article lays it out, but it seems to be just “dress up, but not too up.”

It would have been nice to be able to just point people to the website, and then have them get all of their information from there. But, not everyone looks at the web all the time, or checks email, or has email, or knows what a newsfeed is. So dead trees it is.

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