Avoid Harry Potter Because My god Said So

The religious hysteria website Avoid Harry Potter says that the Potter books are compelling preteens to get into black magic, Wicca, and so on. It appears they are jealous that it’s taking converts away from their own fantasy fiction.

Luckily, they sell another book which you can buy to get informed about the Potter menace.

  • Discover what Harry Potter fans don’t know about Harry Potter
  • Discover what real Witches don’t know about Witchcraft
  • Learn to relate intelligently to Witches and Pagans
  • Fair. Balanced. Credible. Eye-opening
  • Protect yourself and your loved ones from deceptive supernatural forces!

If this chap cared so much about the children and their immortal souls, he would tell us these terrfiying facts for free, rather than charging $14.95. Charlatan. Con-artist.

It’s like John McCain saying he would tell us where Osama Bin Laden was hiding, but only if we elected him President.

Dungeons and Dragons got the Xians all worked up back in the 70s. There’s a particularly hilarious Chick Tract about it.

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