What We Did For The Wedding

Cassie and I have been married now for over a month, and we’re blissfully happy.

Most of all, we’re blissfully happy that all the organization and arranging that had to be done is over with. I should say that Cassie did most of the arranging, with me being a general dogsbody and simply doing what I was told. Not in a cliched useless male way you understand, but in the way that you have to have one person in charge. And that was definitely Cassie.

As well as the obvious stuff like venues, food, flowers, hotels and so on, there were lots of little bits and pieces that I had more of a hand in, and I would like to share them with you. I wrote a series of posts highlighting each one, and describing how they were done. We put so much work into it that I wanted to record it all for posterity, and possibly to help future couples with their planning. I’ve also included the music playlists for each part of the wedding, for your delectation and/or derision.

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