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Birchbox! (by absquatulate)

Thank you Sarah H. for suggesting this. So far this is a box full of win!

I don’t shill, and rarely recommend stuff like this, but if you like things that smell nice or make you feel pretty, Birchbox is an awesome deal. For $10, you a get a package full of fancy sample products tailored to your taste/style/skin and hair type and sent to your door. I gave it a try in May and expected to like one thing and toss the rest, but every single thing was a home run, and the same for June! I got that fancy Laura Geller compact above (which is full size) and also a bottle of Kérastase shampoo that I would never even consider laying down the money for in a million years but is wonderful. It’s like someone went to a really schmancy hotel and sent all the bathroom stuff straight to you.

If you do join, I think if you enter my email address as someone who’s referred you we both get points (to buy the full size versions of anything you’ve sampled), but haven’t tried it yet so not sure.

Fancy! And yet as a certain kind of man, the first thing that sprung to mind was, “Does it actually come in a nice birch box that you can keep your pipe tobacco in?”