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When you get engaged, people like to know about it, but not all engaged couples immediately go on to get married. The idea of a ‘Save The Date’ is to tell people that already know you’re engaged that you are planning a wedding. Or, it tells people that you just got engaged and there’s no time to waste.

Either way, the idea is that people receive the notice, and then put the date in their calendar.

Often these notices take the form of a nice card invitation, but we thought we would send out fridge magnets – those business card-sized ones that you get with insurance offers and Chinese takeaways. That way, people will be reminded of the happy date every day they reach for a beer, or some cheese.

Save The Date design
Save The Date design

We searched around online, and found a place that would do them for a good price. They had lots of templates to choose from, but I have this resistance to using templates, so I found a template I liked from another site, nicked it, then recreated it in Inkscape, my vector graphics editor of choice. I exported a PDF, and submitted that as the artwork for the magnets.

They arrived a few days later, and we mailed them out. We got some messages back quickly from people telling us they would definitely be coming, several who couldn’t come, and several from people asking what this thing meant.

The idea was that we would launch our wedding website in time to allow people to follow the link on the magnet (not by clicking on it, obv.) and that would be the center for all the details. Lots of people did that, but there were many who needed a more personal service.

The magnets were nice – thin, not too strong. Cassie was worried that people might try to use them to hold things to the fridge with them, but they weren’t designed for that. One person pointed out that some people have fancy fridges hidden behind wooden doors, but they are in the minority, so sod them.

Overall, this was a nice idea. Recommended.

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