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Zazzle Custom Stamps
Zazzle Custom Stamps featuring Gordon

When we were getting our invitations, we had the idea (probably from a forum or somewhere) to get special custom photo postage stamps from Zazzle, an online printing company. They do a range of stamps in various denominations, and allow you to upload your own photo or artwork to be included on the stamp.

We chose our dog Gordon as our subject for the photos, because he couldn’t come to the wedding – he was on a business trip to Denver. That was a joke, the real reason he couldn’t come is that he is a dog, and the wedding was in Nevada. Anyway, we wanted him to be included somehow, and this was a perfect opportunity.

We got a load of 44c stamps for the invitations and 28c ones for the pre-stamped RSVP postcards. The ordering process was very straightforward on the website, and allowed you to upload a photo, move it around and crop it before submitting your order.

They arrived promptly and were (actually are – we still have some left) very nice indeed. The image was very clear (the photo above is a bit fuzzy), and the logo was not too intrusive. The stamps are quite large, and you should take that into account with envelopes or cards, especially when adding extra postage for sending things abroad. They came on self-adhesive sheets, and had a glossy finish, which would prove to be a problem only when we tried another little trick (see our post on “hand-cancelling” for details of that), but in the end they were great.

Verdict – Recommended. The photo stamps were a nice extra touch, not too expensive compared to regular stamps, and people mentioned them when they replied, saying how cute Gordon is. We know.

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