Nice Mix In The Cloud

Some more great stuff from the Northern half of Both Bars On. Arpeggiated synths bringing to mind The Who, then suddenly drifting off into early Kraftwerk – I half expected to hear a clarinet or flute. Excellent database-wrangling music, especially because a lot of it sounds like the accompaniment to a schools TV program about computers.

This Mixcloud thing is new to me. Maybe I’ll have a dabble myself – it would involved sitting down and figuring out how to assemble a mix, and upload it, and maybe I shouldn’t be considering adding another project to my list of stuff I start. Maybe with a suggestion for a theme I could knock something together.

Questions raised by this mix (I ask them publicly rather than emailing the mixer for social purposes):

  • What software was used to create the mix?
  • Any ideas for a theme for a mix? (this would require a passing knowledge of what music I actually have)
  • Would anyone have any suggestions for music to accompany a short video of a cute little robot cleaning my floor?