Congratulations Julia and James

As I write this I have yet to meet my slow arriving daughter who seems quite happy in the warm, dark, muffled mummy bag.

via I’m going to be a Daddy! – James’ birth story | I Carried a Watermelon.

Since that blog post was written, it’s all happened. My old theatre friends James and Julia have had a baby girl – welcome to the world, Gwyneth Alessandra! Nice Italian American/Welsh name. Congratulations to you guys – I hope to see you in Wimbledon at some point soon.

At our wedding, Cassie and her Daddy (she loves her Daddy) danced to Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder, because when she was born, that song had just come out, and her Dad used to dance around with her.

To what will James dance around with his daughter? A show tune? Perhaps some Lady Gaga? This stuff is important, they’ll need to make a note for when she get married in 2036 or thereabouts. In orbit.