One Step, Two Steps, Getting Closer

OK so a week from now Cassie and I will be married, and all seem well and in hand. She had her San Francisco Bridal Shower on Sunday, at Lovejoys Tea Rooms on Church, which by all accounts was “lovely”.

Friend Kristen was in town, so while Cassie was getting girly, we went to Crissy Field and took Gordon for a walk on the beach, stopping at the Warming Hut for a sandwich.

At about 7.30 this morning the phone rang, and Cassie said, “And so the calls begin”. It’s been like that for days now, what with figuring out all the little details – the big stuff seemed to be easier.

Good Skype talk with Best Man Robin on Sunday too – he’s super excited, as am I. Going to be good to see me old mate. He just found out he got a job in Chicago, so I hope to see a lot more of him, even if it’s over Skype with a reasonable time difference.

I’m at work today and tomorrow, and of course it’s all kicking off, so I need to get loads done and hand it over to my colleague. Best do that then.

P.S. Don’t you just love that this post about my approaching marriage has the title of a Nitzer Ebb song?

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