Greg Hawkes, Nerd Boyfriend

Greg Hawkes in full-on New Wave mode.

Nerd Boyfriend is all over the place at the moment. It’s a really nice and simple idea, with a decent amount of work behind it, and as a result the creator Roxana Altamirano is in big demand. Each post takes an old picture of a male icon of some kind (several actors, obviously, but also  architects, writers and puppeteers) and provide modern examples of the clothes they were wearing in the photo. Great for tips.

There’s a nice little interview with Nerd Boyfriend’s Roxana Altamirano here.

Today’s model is Greg Hawkes, who I had to look up, but who I am pleased to discover is/was the keyboard player with The Cars, one of my favorite bands. Their eponymous first album is often on rotation Chez Moi, especially my favorite song of theirs, Bye Bye Love. I particularly like the soaring arpeggiated keyboard solos, which I guess can be credited to Mr Hawkes. For that, I salute you.  Also for the blazer.