Celebrate, Peasants

“I got married last year. Apart from my family and friends, no-one else gave a tuppenny shit. I felt this was perfectly reasonable.”I did not feel the need to label them ‘refuseniks’ or write lengthy newspaper articles asking why they don’t have souls.”

via The Daily Mash – Armed troops to ensure enjoyment of royal wedding.

It’s a little annoying that the wedding of Prince Charles’ only son and Weighty Katy (or whatever her nickname is, she looks within the normal BMI range to me) takes place so soon after my own wedding.

Cassie’s Dad has joked that if the two events had coincided, he may not have been able to make it to his daughter’s wedding, because it was likely he would be on the royal guest list.

It would be worse if I still lived in the UK, I guess. At least here when people ask about what I think of it, I get to explain that I am a Republican. This is usually greeted (at least in my peer group) by looks ranging from shock to bemusement, until I point out that I’m only a Republican in the UK sense, as opposed to a Monarchist. That is to say, I believe that the UK should be a complete democracy, with no hereditary head of state or sovereign.

There are lots of arguments for and against a UK monarchy, but my feeling that it comes down to a simple question of fairness. Should one family be allowed to run things (directly or indirectly) just through accident of birth? I know they have little power, but the structures set up around them ensure true democracy is impossible.

Not everyone responds to being told a Brit is a Republican the same way. At birthday drinks for toy collector and noted Anglophile Friend Brian last weekend at the Cat & Fiddle in Hollywood, I got talking to a couple who seemed nice until I told them I worked on the California HSR project – at which point they switched into TDE-believing “I run a business so deserve preferential treatment” libertarian “bike lanes get in the way of my car” mode, railing against the railway, and stating they were fiscal conservatives (meaning “tax breaks and spending cuts”) like that was supposed to impress me, to which I shrugged and moved away, wanting to enjoy the evening. Also in attendence was the Director of Cassie’s alma mater, the London Film School. Cassie tells me that he fell into debate with them, and really got heavily into the Marx with them. At one point he told them, “Of course, I’m a Republican”. One of them stood up and raised her hand for a high-five. He pointed out the differences between UK and US Republicanism, and I wish I’d been there at that moment to shake his hand. As it was I was enjoying a Boddingtons on West Sunset Boulevard.

Anyway. My wedding is first, and it’s the most important thing on my mind. After that, the most important thing will be my marriage.